I spent some time today watching some wedding videos, I haven’t done that for a while. The thing I find that bothers me most when I look through wedding films is the music and audio. I see lots of films that are shot beautifully, great movement, great light, great composition, great moments, but those “greats” are just totally obliterated by bad audio! Without audio, video is just a stream of pictures, but with audio, video becomes an immersive experience engaging multiple senses at the same time. I’ve spent a lot of time the past few years attempting to sharpen my skills as a shooter and photographer; learning light, studying great compositions, paying attention to movement of the camera in conjunction with the movement of subjects, BUT at the same time, i’ve tried to really sharpen my ears.

Music is by far, one of the most important things to me when I approach a film. I’ll spend hours (too many sometimes) to find the perfect music. When I approach a wedding day I want to be hyper-alert to the couple and their personalities so that when I get to editing I really have a sense of what emotions need to be conveyed in the music. I’ll play back footage from the day over many many MANY different songs and pieces of music and audio to see what has the perfect fit. I LOOOOOOOVE the “A-HA!” moment. I love when a piece of music fits a couple’s personality and the emotions of there wedding day so well that there is no arguing it’s is what needs to be in their film.

About a month ago I had the honor of documenting Karey and Stephanie’s wedding in Charlotte, NC, and was just blown away at the amount faith and love that oozed from their day. Both of them and their families prioritized their faith FIRST in the wedding, and I thought it was an extremely beautiful and deeply spiritual emotion that I had to convey when I got to editing their highlight film. Before I was even on the plane back to Denver I knew the song. Sufjan Steven’s version of ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’. I had heard this song a while back and was very moved by it, and had been sitting on it waiting for the perfect time to use it, and I knew right away this was the wedding to use it.

Now something else happened at their wedding that I found beautiful and fitting to the couple’s personality. Right before the reception got started, the minister stood up to pray for dinner and made a short, but beautiful speech. He talked about the Church and about how marriage is not only a gift, but a picture of Faith and true Christianity. He went on to talk about the celebration of marriage and faith, and that this was no time to stay in your seat, this was a time to get up and party (which as you can see, Karey’s grandma even took to heart)!! I truly saw a couple living out there Faith, putting Jesus first in their marriage, and then celebrating with their family and friends like there was no tomorrow, and it was awesome. SO I decided that this needed to be a 2 part film showing both of those aspects, faith and celebration, so naturally, I paired a hymn with some dubstep. 🙂