Perspective has been on my mind lately. That priceless word that somehow encompasses creatively. Far too often it’s perspective that gets tossed by the wayside, perhaps it’s because it’s the hardest to cultivate.

All too often in this industry it’s the same perspective time after time. Same effects, angles, same gear, same everything. Rarely do I see something that’s different, that requires risk to achieve. At Velare, we want to continually challenge the complacency that is far too easy to fall into, and push ourselves to seek a new perspective.

Here’s a short video I just edited that Velare’s Steve Stanton shot a few weeks back in Costa Rica using solely a GoPro camera and head-strap. In Steve’s own words. “I wanted to cultivate that genuine first person perspective with heart and soul”. So he gave the GOpro to the groom, and let the couple take off.

A special thank you to Mark of Blue Ring Media and Ben Zoldan for collaborating on this project and being open to crazy ideas!