Sara and Brian were so gracious to let me tag along with Steve Stanton and shoot their wedding! I loved how untraditional this wedding was. A small backyard gathering a family and friends, home-made flower arrangements and stream-cooled drinks right out the back door! Yet another challenge ahead of me was how to tell the story of their day in an untraditional way. My challenge to myself on this wedding: use less slider. I love that tool, and am a huge fan of the results I get with it, but it’s becoming that easy go-to for cinematic shots and I don’t want to over-use it. So I stuck close to my monopod and shot away! (I mean, there are a few slider shots, cause i love them, but i just wanted less). During there ceremony the usual Colorado afternoon thunderstorms started to threaten interruption. We got all the way through the ceremony before the rain hit, and boy did it hit hard, hail and all! That didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone at this intimate celebration. Lots went inside, but plenty stayed outside to soak up the rain and play in the puddles. In fact Brian and Sara were both down for a little stroll out in the rain to capture some great photos and video!! Loved it! I was just hoping my camera and microphones would hold up! They certainly did, and I love the results!

Music By : Sigur Ros